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Hanky Panky

Gentle on the skin and extremely beautiful: lingerie from the Hanky Panky brand feels like a second skin. They have the perfect fit for every figure and this brand has now become a true household name in the lingerie world. Hanky Panky is characterized by the cheerful colors and the 'signature lace'. An exclusive pattern of beautiful lace that is only available at Hanky Panky lingerie. At Dolce Donna you are in the right place when you are looking for this comfortable lingerie. Every season this American brand comes onto the market with new, trendy colors. In our webshop you will find countless colors and patterns of slips and tops from this brand. But of course we don't just offer Hanky Panky lingerie. You can also come to us for beautiful lingerie from countless other brands. from beautiful purple lingerie to passionate red and from nightwear to a lovely bathrobe† Whatever your preference, all our products are of the highest quality so that you can enjoy them for a long time. So spoil yourself with a beautiful lingerie set from Hanky Panky or one of our other brands. Do you need help or do you want to know more about our lingerie? Come and visit our store in Kapellen or contact us by email or telephone. We are happy to provide you with honest and expert advice.

Hanky Panky lingerie – comfortable and beautiful

Every woman who has ever chosen Hanky Panky lingerie has fallen head over heels for this trendy brand. The beautiful colours, the beautiful design, the high wearing comfort and the quality easily surpass many other brands. Hanky Panky has been around since the 1970s, but it is only in recent years that this brand has become more and more eye-catching. This is mainly due to the striking colors and the beautiful lace that is used. But Hanky Panky lingerie also stands for innovation. This is how this brand once came up with the Thong®† This string was an immediate success. Countless celebrities praised the thong and fashion magazines couldn't stop talking about it. At one time, the thong was not really known as comfortable underwear, but Hanky Panky changed that. This particular string was described as "butter-soft" by the Wall Street Journal itself. But all other products of this brand are also known for being very comfortable. We at Dolce Donna are big fans of Hanky Panky and can heartily recommend this brand to every woman.

Van Hanky Panky slip tot Hanky Panky top

In our extensive webshop you will find numerous products of this brand. From Hanky Panky slip to a Hanky Panky top, we offer it all. The Boy Short from this brand is one of the most popular briefs in our range. We offer different beautiful colors of this slip. For example, how about the color Himalayan Pink Salt? Or do you prefer something more daring and go for bright yellow? Whatever you choose, a Hanky Panky brief is super comfortable and silky soft. The materials with which the briefs are made are therefore chosen for softness, stretch and fit. Because Hanky Panky pays so much attention to this, they know how to make their lingerie feel like a second skin. Whatever your figure, the Hanky Panky briefs are guaranteed to fit you perfectly and make you shine. A Hanky Panky slip is not only available in countless colours, but also in various hip and trendy patterns. A lust for the eye! In addition to a Hanky Panky slip, we also offer the fantastically fitting Hanky Panky top. This top is also available in the brand's signature lace. But also in other beautiful designs. The Hanky Panky top is also very comfortable and feels soft against the skin. You won't even notice that you're wearing the Hanky Panky top, because it fits like a glove!

You will find the most beautiful lingerie at Dolce Donna

The Hanky Panky brand has stolen our hearts. But also that of many other women worldwide. It is wonderfully comfortable lingerie that also looks beautiful. In addition, it does not show under clothing. Because of the high quality materials that Hanky Panky uses, you don't have to worry about rapid wear. Even after frequent wearing and washing, the Hanky Panky lingerie continues to look beautiful. We understand why so many women choose this brand! Would you like to see the Hanky Panky lingerie in real life before purchasing? You are most welcome in our luxurious and spacious lingerie store in Kapellen (Antwerp† We proudly bear the designation 'lingerie stylist' and our employees can therefore provide you with expert advice. Of course you can also buy our Hanky Panky lingerie online in our webshop. As soon as we have received your payment, we will immediately get to work for you. This way you will have your brand new Hanky Panky lingerie at home the next day! So take a quick look at our Online store and discover Hanky Panky's comfortable lingerie.

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