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Marie Jo

Our lingerie store near Antwerp is a proud seller of Marie Jo lingerie. Marie Jo's feminine and elegant lingerie gives you a self-assured feeling, making you feel good about yourself! Marie Jo lingerie is available in a wide range of different sizes. There is always a Marie Jo lingerie set available, which suits you completely, regardless of your physique. Dolce Donna finds it important that everyone feels comfortable in their own skin. Marie Jo lingerie is available in many models and colours. In addition to lingerie, we also have different types of swim and beach fashion from Marie Jo in our range, offering both bikinis and Marie Jo bathing suits.

What is Marie Jo?

Marie Jo is a brand name of the Belgian listed company Van de Velde† This company designs, produces and markets luxurious lingerie and figure-correcting underwear for women. Marie Jo is therefore not so much one person, but more a group of designers, who use their original inspiration to create unique and elegant lingerie for women. Marie Jo mainly listens to you as a customer. According to them, the lingerie should not only be fashionable, but also give a boost to self-confidence. You need to get through the day with a smile, no matter what happens.

The roots of Marie Jo

Quality and a perfect fit are woven into the DNA of this beautiful brand. Their story started over a hundred years ago with the start of a corset workshop. The knowledge and skills in their craftsmanship are passed on from generation to generation, while year after year they are looking for innovation. In this way Marie Jo manages to surprise us every season with the most stylish and original lingerie collections. In addition to lingerie, Marie Jo has also had its own swimwear collection since 2018, where their familiar fit is fully back.

A Marie Jo bathing suit

You can't start the summer without owning a beautiful bathing suit or a stylish bikini. That is why Marie Jo has been surprising us every year since 2018 with the trendiest designs and timeless classics. Are you looking for a beautiful bikini or an elegant Marie Jo bathing suit? Then Marie Jo's Swim collection is without a doubt the solution. The swimwear from this versatile brand completely flatters your body. From an on-trend triangle to a classic black bathing suit, or a padded bikini in a timeless color? You'll find it all in the Marie Jo Swim collection. The team behind Marie Jo brings a quirky twist to today's fashion trends. This will undoubtedly steal the show during a day out on the beach.

A Marie Jo solution for every woman

No woman is the same. One likes to wear high heels, another prefers to walk around in trendy sneakers. Yet every woman has one thing in common: the day starts with putting on lingerie. With beautiful and elegant lingerie you immediately feel a lot more confident, allowing you to face all the challenges of the day with confidence. With Marie Jo lingerie you leave home with a broad smile and a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Online or in store?

At Dolce Donna you can order all Marie Jo lingerie quickly and easily in the webshop. Here you can choose from different articles in all shapes, sizes and colours. In that case, your order will be delivered to your door within one to two working days. By the way, are you ordering more than €99 worth of items? Then the shipment also completely free. It is also possible to order via the webshop and then pick up your order in the store. Your order is usually ready for collection within 24 hours. Finally, you can also just visit the store, here we have all the items from the web store in stock. Whatever your choice, we hope to meet you soon online or in-store at Sweet Woman.

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