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Underwear men

In addition to an extensive collection of lingerie Dolce Donna also has a wide range of men's underwear. Our underwear for men can be ordered in various sizes, models and colours. You can order men's underwear in the form of pants, singlets and briefs. The pants and briefs differ in length, which can easily be combined with a singlet. The men's underwear can also be ordered in the colors white, gray and black. These colors have stood the test of time and are a good choice in almost any situation. Our underwear for men can be ordered separately or as a 2-pack, which are cheaper. Looking for underwear for men? Then you have come to the right place at Dolce Donna.

Men's underwear trends

Underwear for men can be seen more and more these days, so it is no longer just functional. That is why our collection consists not only of the basics, but also of different fits and even neck shapes. So choose from white, black or gray underwear with a round neck or V-neck. All our products have their own unique properties. You can choose from our basic men's briefs and underpants, but also very modern and trendy boxer shorts that really should be seen. At Dolce Donna you can choose from a very extensive range of men's underwear, so that you can wear a different type of underwear for every occasion. You have plenty of choice from both large and small sizes and, in addition to white, gray and black, also from various colors. Order underwear for men from your own home today and quickly enjoy the comfort of our men's underwear. About returns we usually don't make it difficult, so you can safely order an underpants or two too many. Please contact our customer service in advance of the return shipment, they will be happy to help you further in the process.

Underwear for men in plus sizes

You can also visit our webshop for the larger sizes of men's underwear. Our collection goes well above the XXL size and we try to update it monthly as soon as this is required. The larger models of underwear for men are also made of the same high-quality and skin-friendly materials as our other men's underwear. We attach great importance to inclusiveness and therefore find it important that everyone can succeed in purchasing wonderfully fitting underwear.

Hip underwear or classic?

More and more men are attaching more value to their underwear, while this was previously only something for women. This is particularly reflected in brands such as Bad boy with their cheerful prints and colorful boxer shorts. These underpants are not only worn by young men, older men can certainly show themselves in these trendy underwear. The trendy underwear for men usually has a wide elastic band, which you can leave visible (if you want). Nowadays there is plenty of choice in underwear for the hip men among us. Doesn't your underwear for men have to be provided with a lot of color and nice prints? Then you have Sweet Woman There is also plenty of choice from classic models.

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