We offer you a wide choice, quality and a personal service. We are therefore proud to accept the predicate lingerie stylist sweet woman associate.

sweet woman is located in Belgium, Antwerp, Kapellen and is easily accessible by both car and public transport. There is ample parking space. Pay a visit sweet woman a fashionable, luxurious and spacious lingerie store. 

Isn't it wonderful to spoil yourself or to be spoiled with a beautiful lingerie set? That opportunity offers sweet woman you. Regardless of your size, because our store carries a wide range of sizes. From 70A to 115H, also in nice colored sets.

Our employees are happy to take the time to help you with your choice. Of course your partner is also welcome,   a delicious coffee is always ready!


There is a 70% chance that you are wearing the wrong bra size!

You don't just buy a bra, a woman's body changes several times during her life. Just think of puberty, pregnancy, losing weight and gaining weight: all factors on which your correct bra and slip size depend. It is therefore not self-evident that your bra size from a few years ago is the same as your current bra size. It is important, take the time to try on a bra, our lingerie consultants take all the time for you, and wear bras that create added value for your body and self-confidence.